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Home » The Future of Brain Healthcare is Brighter Than Ever with State-of-the-Art AI

The Future of Brain Healthcare is Brighter Than Ever with State-of-the-Art AI

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The Future of Brain Healthcare is Brighter Than Ever with State-of-the-Art AI

The future of brain healthcare is brighter than ever thanks to the improved ability to analyze high-quality EEG data with state-of-the-art AI

Applying our AI biomarker discovery platform to our enormous database has immense potential. At Firefly Neuroscience, we are paving the way by employing sophisticated and updated machine-learning methods, including deep-learning models, to revolutionize CNS biomarker discovery and enhancement.

When it comes to Al, a large dataset is not enough. Data relevance, quality, and accessibility are equally important factors. Firefly Neuroscience has invested a lot of time and effort to collect high-quality, high-resolution EEG data. We obtained the data through our own standardized and automated processes. This ensures that the data is of high quality and useful for producing reliable EEG-based biomarkers. Furthermore, the data we collect is rich and inclusive – The data was collected at 106 sites located in 21 different countries, minimizing potential biases. We typically measure resting state EEG as well as two cognitive tasks (Auditory and Visual) to capture electrophysiology and behavioral measures. This multi-dimensional approach empowers clinicians and patients to shed light on brain activity from multiple perspectives.

At the core of our database lies our world-class FDA cleared normative database, covering the age range 12-85 and our 3 tasks. Thanks to this unique database, our BNA reports can present the BNA ERP/Resting EEG scores in the right context – in comparison to age-matched normative data as standardized scores (z-scores). In addition, by leveraging machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies, our normative database can be utilized for early detection of neurological and psychiatric disorders. This will enable early interventions and ultimately better treatment outcomes.

On top of the valuable normative database, we possess longitudinal data from patients with a variety of 12 neurological and psychiatric disorders. This clinical database is highly valuable for discovering more biomarkers for a variety of clinical use cases. 

We are continuously looking for opportunities to collaborate with top-notch clinicians and researchers. If you want to learn more about our data partners program, please contact us at 

Our dedicated fireflies work relentlessly to illuminate the dark world of mental health.

The future is bright as we harness our high-quality large EEG database with powerful and advanced AI methods. Together, we can push the boundaries of scientific discovery, transform healthcare, and create a profound impact on millions. Join us on this remarkable journey.