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How It Works

Harness the Power of Big Data, Signal Processing, and AI to Revolutionize Brain Treatment

BNA™ Overview

Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform

Advanced Signal Processing, Big Data with Cloud Computing, and AI underpin a scalable platform that drives product and clinical expansion. Data is captured and uploaded into the Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform, which feeds a range of product opportunities.

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How BNA™ Works

For Investors

The market and investment opportunity represent a monumental shift that will impact billions of lives.

In order to fully understand and discuss our data, technology and distribution advantage, we highly encourage institutional investors to request an investor deck and/or presentation.

For Clinicians

Better health outcomes.

That is the promise of the Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform. Clinics, hospitals, and universities are on the front line of the neural revolution. You represent the patient touchpoints for scans, measurement, and treatment.

See Firefly Neuroscience Technology in the Real World

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