Enhance your practice with Firefly’s in-depth neuroevaluations and better patient care. Discover how Brain Network Analytics (BNA™) can transform your practice.

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Empower your practice with BNA™

Benefit from AI-based EEG analysis encompassing ERP, quantitative spectral EEG, and behavioral results – all in one FDA-cleared* tool.


By performing a quantitative spectral analysis on the patient’s brain at rest, BNA™ can identify baseline abnormalities that are not task related.


ERPs are brainwaves generated in response to cognitive tasks, directly reflecting cognitive function. By utilizing two distinct tasks, BNA™ can evaluate a broad spectrum of cognitive abilities.


In addition to neurophysiological assessments, BNA™ provides behavioral insights, serving as a valuable starting point for neuropsychological evaluations. With long waiting times for these assessments, BNA™ can help by offering first, actionable insights.

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BNA™ displays electrophysiological signals that physicians can use to assess patterns commonly associated with:

Psychiatric Conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Affective (Mood) & Mental Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Personality Disorders

Neurological Conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Neurocognitive Disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Acquired Brain Injuries


Integrate BNA™ into your neurological practice to elevate the standard of care.

Gain Comprehensive Insights into Neural Activity:

Integrate event-related potentials, spectral EEG, and behavioral performance analyses for a well-rounded understanding of your patient’s brain function.

Personalized Clinical Care:

Tailor treatments according to the unique needs of each patient, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the treatment.

Operational Efficiency:

Streamline EEG assessments with BNA™, which enables fast access to neurophysiological and neuropsychological information. This can speed up decision-making, enhancing throughput and patient care efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment:

Monitor treatment responses of neural networks over time and make timely adjustments based on quantifiable data, leading to enhanced therapeutic outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Improvement in Remission Rates


Increase in
Response Rates


Reduction in Medication Switches

Based on an analysis of over 2,200 patients using BNA™


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    What is BNA™, and how does it enhance neuro evaluations?

    BNA™, or Brain Network Analytics, is an advanced neurophysiological assessment tool that uses AI and machine learning to analyze EEG data recorded during rest and cognitive activity. It enhances neurological assessments by providing objective, data-driven insights that allow for the early and longitudinal detection of neurophysiological deviations. These insights into brainwave patterns underlying cognitive function can help in tailoring personalized treatment plans and improving patient outcomes more effectively than traditional EEG analysis.

    How can BNA™ improve treatment outcomes?

    BNA™ improves treatment outcomes by providing clinicians with in-depth insights into brain functions underlying cognitive processes and brain health. These detailed neurological patient profiles show specific brain patterns and deviations, aiding with targeted interventions. Such personalization can increase remission rates and reduce the need for medication switches, leading to more effective and efficient patient care.

    Can BNA™ integrate with existing clinical workflows?

    Yes, BNA™ is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows. It is compatible with FDA-cleared EEG systems and requires minimal additional training. This ease of integration ensures that clinicians can adopt the technology without disrupting their current practices, enhancing neurophysiological assessments and treatment capabilities without significant overhead.

    For which types of neurological disorders is a BNA™ assessment appropriate?

    Most neurological disorders affect the neurophysiological state of brain networks. BNA™ can detect these subtle changes, aiding the management of various cognitive and neurological disorders where cognitive functions are impacted. This can include but is not limited to: Mood and anxiety disorders as well as neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries. While it offers significant benefits in these areas, BNA™ is most effective when integrated into a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach.

    What support does Firefly Neuroscience provide for clinicians new to BNA™ technology?

    Firefly Neuroscience provides comprehensive support and training for clinicians new to BNA™. This includes detailed training sessions on using BNA™ , ongoing technical support, and access to a community of users for peer advice and sharing of best practices. Our goal is to ensure clinicians feel confident and well-supported as they integrate BNA™ into their practices.

    * The BNA™ Platform is to be used by qualified medical professionals for the post-hoc statistical analysis of the human electroencephalogram ("EEG"), utilizing evoked response potentials ("ERP')