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At Firefly Neuroscience, we’ve transformed neurological diagnostics and treatment with our Brain Network Analytics (BNA™), utilizing our robust, proprietary database of over 77,000 EEG scans across twelve disorders. Our advanced AI enables early and accurate detection of subtle neurological deviations, facilitating personalized treatment plans and significantly improving outcomes.



Empower your practice with BNA™:

Gain comprehensive insights

into electrophysiological deviations, enabling the identification of underlying neurological issues related to cognitive concerns and reducing the risk of misdiagnosis.

Personalized Clinical Care

Tailor treatment plans to each patient’s unique neurological profile, potentially maximizing therapeutic efficacy and improving patient outcomes.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline clinical workflows with our automatic cloud-based analyses and intuitive data visualization tools, saving time and resources while optimizing patient care.


The Benefits for Patients

Experience personalized and precise brain health care:

Early detection of subtle changes

Receive faster and more comprehensive evaluations based on truly objective insights into brain function, potentially enabling earlier intervention and improved prognosis.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Benefit from insights into brain function facilitating tailored treatment strategies.

Improved Health Outcomes

Achieve better health outcomes and quality of life with targeted interventions guided by BNA™.



Invest in the future of brain health:

Market Potential

Tap into the rapidly growing market for advanced brain health evaluation and treatment solutions, to support better outcomes.

Innovative Technology

Firefly Neuroscience’s BNA™ is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry through our unique AI capabilities.

Transformative Impact

Our technology has the potential to transform patient care and drive significant returns on investment, while making a positive impact on society.


BNA™ technology is a sophisticated system that combines advanced signal processing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to analyze electroencephalogram (EEG) data with unprecedented accuracy and depth.

1. Data Collection:

The process begins with the collection of EEG data using BNA™ tasks. EEG electrodes are placed on the patient’s scalp to measure electrical activity in the brain, capturing neural signals in real-time.

2. Signal Processing:

The raw EEG data is processed through Firefly’s advanced signal processing techniques to prepare it for analysis.

3. Big Data Analytics:

The processed EEG data is then compared against our FDA-cleared normative age-matched database. This database serves as a reference point, allowing our BNA™ algorithms to identify subtle deviations and abnormalities in the patient’s brain activity.

4. AI Analysis:

BNA™ employs state-of-the-art AI to analyze the EEG data and extract actionable insights. These algorithms leverage machine learning techniques to continuously refine our understanding of neurological patterns, ensuring accuracy and reliability in their assessments.

5. The Firefly BNA™ Report:

The final output of the BNA™ analysis is 
a comprehensive report that provides clinicians and patients with detailed insights into the individual’s brain function. This report highlights deviations from normal brain activity while also comparing to the patient’s past results.

6. Integration:

BNA™ seamlessly integrates into clinical workflows, providing clinicians with intuitive data visualization tools and decision support systems. This enables clinicians to make informed decisions based on objective, data-driven evidence, enhancing the quality of patient care.

Key Benefits of BNA™

Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making:

The platform empowers clinicians with objective, quantifiable data, enabling informed decisions during patient assessment.


Holistic Neurophysiological Assessment:

By evaluating brain function both at rest and during cognitive activity, clinicians gain comprehensive insights that can optimize clinical decision-making.


Personalized Clinical Care:

Leveraging in-depth neurophysiological data, clinicians can tailor the clinical care precisely to each patient neuropsychological profile, potentially enhancing therapeutic outcomes and reducing med-switching and non-adherence.


Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment:

Monitoring patients over time enables clinicians to detect subtle changes and adjust treatment plans promptly based on objective data, ensuring optimal care and therapeutic efficacy.


Contact Firefly Neuroscience to learn more about  BNA™ or schedule a product demo. We’re here to assist and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your practice.


    What is BNA™ and how does it work?

    BNA™, or Brain Network Analytics, is an advanced technology developed by Firefly Neuroscience that utilizes artificial intelligence and a proprietary database to analyze electroencephalogram (EEG) data. The technology compares patients’ EEG readings at rest and during activity to normative data, identifying unique brain patterns and deviations to assist in brain health evaluation and clinical decision making.

    What makes BNA™ different from traditional EEG analysis?

    Unlike traditional EEG analysis, which often relies on manual interpretation of brainwaves at rest, BNA™ assesses both resting and active state brain activity and integrates AI to automate and enhance the analysis process. This holistic approach and integration allow for more precise detection of neurophysiological abnormalities and a deeper understanding of brain activity, providing clinicians with quantifiable, data-driven insights that are impossible with standard EEG methods.

    Can BNA™ help with all types of neurological disorders?

    Most neurological disorders affect the neurophysiological state of brain networks. BNA™ can detect these subtle changes, aiding the management of various cognitive and neurological disorders, including ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain injuries. While it offers significant benefits in these areas, BNA™ is most effective when integrated into a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment approach.

    Is BNA™ safe to use?

    Yes, BNA™ is entirely non-invasive and uses EEG equipment that is safe for all age groups. The technology has been rigorously tested and is FDA-cleared, ensuring that it meets high safety standards.

    How can clinicians integrate BNA™ into their practice?

    Integrating BNA™ into clinical practice is straightforward. It requires EEG equipment and training provided by Firefly Neuroscience. BNA™ is designed to complement existing clinical workflows, providing a seamless addition to the standard neurological care.