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About Us

Our Experienced Team

Jon Olsen

Chief Executive Officer

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Gil Issachar

Chief Technology Officer

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Jason DuBraski

National Director of Sales & Business Development

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Scientific Advisors

Adam Gazzaley

MD, PhD, UC San Francisco

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Robert T. Knight

MD PhD, UC Berkeley

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Deciphering the complexity of the brain

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of technologists and data scientists that will revolutionize brain health by providing needed objective measurement and assessment tools to front-line clinicians.

What We Do

We harness the power of brain mapping, signal processing, big data, and AI to revolutionize mental health and improve patient outcomes, globally.


Creating a brighter future for millions through revolutionizing brain health

Why we are leading the field

  • Built the world’s largest standardized EEG database platform that provides clinical insights
  • FDA-cleared (510k) & CE-marked software tool
  • 7+ years of clinical work and $75M+ capital
  • >17,000 patient multi-visit, longitudinal database ripe to develop disease biomarkers
  • Showcased as a breakthrough innovation to world leaders

The Meaning Behind the Firefly of Firefly Neuroscience

Fireflies are unique, exciting, and mesmerizing. Just as a firefly lights up a dark night sky, we provide insight into the mysterious and poorly-understood function of the brain. 
The new logo plays on a firefly streaking across the night sky that takes the shape of a brain. The firefly going into the middle of the brain is a literal connection to how we measure what is going on inside the brain. The multi-colors are both eye-catching and relate to the color plots that are generated in a Brain Network Analysis (BNA™) clinician report.

Want to be a part of what Firefly Neuroscience is building?

As a rapidly growing global organization, we are actively looking to strengthen our suite of technical skills, subject matter expertise, and market knowledge. If you’re excited about the future of brain healthcare and feel your skills might fit, email us at