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The Future of Brain Healthcare.


Better Outcomes Start with Better Measurement

You can only manage what you can properly measure. Firefly Neuroscience gives you the ability to accurately measure, assess, and diagnose your patient’s brain health, which is proven to lead to better clinic and patient outcomes.

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Common Mental Health Treatment Challenges

The lack of practical, objective measurements means that the 1st treatment only works 30% of the time.

Treatment is based on trial and error, which results in 50% of patients dropping out within the first month.


Objective Evidence

Provides clinicians and patients with objective tangible evidence on cognitive function for better clinical outcomes.

Concise Reporting

Proprietary AI algorithms take EEG data to produce simplified and concise visual reports that provide a comparison to a normative age-matched data set.

Progress Tracking

Engages patients by tracking progress over time and providing objective reassurance.

The Firefly Neuroscience Difference

Clear understanding on rate of change and when to treat.
Objective information to better guide treatment and therapy decisions. Engage and retain patients.
Subtypes of otherwise broad or generic disorder. Quicker, conclusive diagnostic work-up
When should a different drug or therapy be tried.
New drug definitively works for specific patient type.

Win-Win-Win Scenario for Patients, Providers and Payors

  • Democratizes access to previously inaccessible technology for therapy optimization. ​
  • Provides objective, tangible results on brain function.
  • BNA™ provides an incremental and recurring revenue stream for clinics and optimizes patient care.
  • Leverages established reimbursement codes.
  • Differentiated offering to position as cutting-edge.
  • Reduce costs through early detection and improved treatment.

Improved outcomes for patients

Depressed 29-Year-Old Experiences Full Remission
Superior Identification of Early Cognitive Decline in 77-Year-Old

Bring the Firefly Neuroscience BNA™ Technology to Your Clinic

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