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Firefly Neuroscience is Leading the Neural Revolution

Driving Innovation with the Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform

BNA™ Technology provides a flywheel effect that drives further growth & market offerings as the dataset grows.

  • Grows database with each new patient
  • Builds clinical insight
  • Develops capability and product opportunities
  • Drives application adoption

The commercial launch of BNA™ further drivea data growth and insight, along with topline revenue, with each additional patient.

Leveraging Big Data, Signal Processing, & AI


Firefly Neuroscience has the world’s largest Medical Grade Standardized database of EEG & ERP recordings to provide clinicians with technology to clearly and accurately interpret brain function.


Recurring revenue and established reimbursement. A platform built to develop future biomarkers and companion diagnostics allowing for the expansion of existing pharma collaborations and partnerships to bring new drugs to market.


The first practical and feasible way for front-line clinicians to objectively measured and compare brain function (cognition). The Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform is an FDA-cleared (510k) & CE-marked software platform with over 7 years of clinical experience and $75M capital invested.

Breakthrough Innovation

Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform, powered by BNA™ technology, is the world’s largest Medical Grade standardized database with near-limitless potential growth.

Market Opportunities

BNA™ Potential Primary Growth Channels

1. Psychiatry

BNA™ could improve the treatment of depression significantly by objectively measuring brain health, improving and saving lives.

2. Neurology

BNA™ could help identify early dementia and possibly delay onset through optimized patient care.

3. Pharma Industry

BNA™ can help objectively quantify drug impact and develop patient response models.

Proven Utility Basis for Growth

Extensive previous experience provides tangible future development business opportunities.

We Invite You To Learn More

The neural revolution is multi-layered, complex, and exciting – but it requires in-depth discussion and analysis of our go-to-market strategy, technology, and data leadership. We encourage institutional investors to book time with our leadership team for a proper investor presentation.