Brain Health 

Unleash the power of objective, AI-driven brain health assessments with Brain Network Analytics (BNA™)


Objective Measurement Matters

Objective clinical measurements, such as X-rays or electrocardiograms, are utilized in treating, diagnosing, and managing various medical conditions across different medical modalities. Yet, they remain mostly absent in Neurological and Psychiatric brain health care. Objective measurements are crucial because they provide quantifiable and reliable data to ensure consistent and evidence-based healthcare practices.

Introducing Firefly’s Brain Network Analytics (BNA™)

Welcome to the future of neurological assessments with Firefly Neuroscience’s FDA-cleared Brain Network Analytics (BNA™). Utilizing ADVANCED AI and an extensive proprietary EEG database, BNA™ combines the automatic analysis of Event Related Potentials (ERPs), spectral EEG and behavioral performance data for a comprehensive, and objective data-driven brain health evaluation.

How BNA™ Works

1. Measure

Record brain activity using an EEG system during rest and while evoking specific brain activity

2. Analyze

AI-based analytics compare brain activity against an FDA-cleared normative age-matched cohort (ages 12-85)

3. Act

Physicians use the cloud-based report to support and expedite optimal disease management.


Empower your practice with BNA™. Experience a new level of neurophysiological insights on cognitive disorders, leading to better patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

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BNA™ offers you a future of personalized and precise brain health care. With clear, objective insights into brain function, our technology provides healthcare professionals with an unparalleled understanding of brain activity. This allows your physician to customize treatment plans and enhance your health and quality of life.


Firefly’s FDA-cleared BNA™ sets new standards in neurophysiological assessment, offering substantial market growth potential and transformative healthcare outcomes.


Brain Network Analytics (BNA™) was developed using a proprietary, standardized database of over 17,000 individuals. This extensive database encompasses scans from both healthy volunteers and patients representing 12 different cognitive disorders. This growing database gives Firefly a first-mover advantage in biomarker development and collaboration with CNS drug developers, reducing drug development risks and costs while supporting companion diagnostics.


Our advanced AI, central to BNA™, transforms vast EEG data into critical insights that continually refine our understanding and treatment of neurological conditions. This ongoing learning ensures that each patient receives the most effective and personalized care strategies.

Illuminating Minds, Transforming Care

The Impact for healthcare professionals

Integrating BNA™ can transform and differentiate your clinical practice, while enhancing patient care with data-driven assessments.

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Investor Relations

Firefly Neuroscience stands at the forefront of medical technology innovation with substantial investment potential. BNA™ sets new standards in brain health through advanced neuro evaluation and AI analysis.


Contact Firefly Neuroscience to learn more about BNA™ or schedule a product demo. We’re here to assist and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your practice.


    How does BNA™ enhance neurological assessment?

    BNA™ employs advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze EEG data at rest and during activity, benchmarking it against an extensive FDA cleared normative age matched database. This sophisticated analysis identifies deviations and patterns linked to cognitive functions and neurological conditions, facilitating more comprehensive and objective brain evaluations. By delivering in-depth insights into brain function, BNA™ empowers clinicians to make informed decisions and tailor treatment strategies effectively.

    Is BNA™ designed for the clinical care of specific conditions?

    BNA™ is designed for the advanced analysis of electrophysiological patterns, which are often altered in various mental health conditions and cognitive disorders. This can include conditions, such as neurodegenerative, anxiety and mood disorders as well as acquired brain injuries among others. BNA™ provides comprehensive insights that are critical for both initial assessments, diagnosis and ongoing management of these conditions.

    Is BNA™ compatible with existing EEG equipment?

    BNA™ is designed to be compatible with FDA-cleared EEG systems that meet specific criteria. This compatibility allows for seamless integration into existing workflows, making it easy to adopt and implement without the need for significant new investments in hardware.

    What training and support does Firefly provide for clinicians new to BNA™?

    Firefly Neuroscience is committed to ensuring clinicians have a thorough understanding of BNA™. We offer comprehensive training sessions, both online and in-person, to help you and your staff become proficient in operating the platform and interpreting its outputs. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to assist with any technical or clinical questions that arise during use.

    How can using BNA™ benefit my practice?

    By offering objective, comprehensive, data-driven assessments, you can attract more patients seeking cutting-edge neurological care, thereby increasing both patient throughput and satisfaction.