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Deciphering the complexity of the brain

We bring objective measurements of brain activity to the mental health and neurological disorder space, as you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Firefly Neuroscience’s Brain Network Analytics (BNA™) technology provides an objective assessment of cognition (brain function)

It records and compares how a brain functions to an FDA-cleared, normative, age-matched database using AI and advanced signal processing.

This allows clinicians and their patients to make informed, objective therapy and disease management decisions and track changes over time. Firefly Neuroscience takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of managing mental illnesses and cognitive disorders.

What we provide to clinicians

Track Disease Progression

Understand the rate of change and when to treat.

Increase Patient Compliance

Engage and retain patients with objective information.

Improve Diagnostics

Quicker, conclusive diagnostic work-ups.

Assess Treatment Efficacy

Determine when (or if) a different drug or therapy should be tried.

Firefly Neuroscience Data Platform

Firefly Neuroscience leverages technical advances in computing to deconstruct and analyze EEGs, making them clinically useful for front-line clinicians to objectively measure, monitor, and manage brain function.

How It Works 

Discover the Firefly Neuroscience technology difference that helps clinicians objectively measure brain function.


Review the market and investment opportunities that will impact billions of lives.


Supports clinicians, hospitals, and researchers to provide better health outcomes.

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