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Case Studies

Firefly Neuroscience is Improving Care and Outcomes for Patients and Organizations

How can you treat something you can’t measure effectively?

BNA™ could improve treatments significantly by objectively measuring brain health that will improve and save lives. The BNA™ product provides brain mapping and imaging technology that supports clinicians to diagnose cognitive disorders and monitors and quantifies improvements.

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Subjective Assessment is Hindering Mental Health

Depression serves as an example of the challenges of effective medical management. Current methodologies (subjective assessment) to diagnose mental illness lack objectivity and the ability to visualize and quantify the underlying neural changes.

40-50% of frontline drug treatment fails

of patients are left untreated

It is the most costly brain disorder, costing the US alone $26B annually

Case Study

Personalizing TMS Protocols with BNA™: A Case Study Demonstrating Improved Outcomes

A 20-year-old male coping with major depressive disorder (MDD), general anxiety disorder (GAD), and substance abuse is treated with TMS guided by BNA™ leading to life-changing results.

Depressed 29-Year-Old Experiences Full Remission

A depressed female with a previous failed medication treatment​ is able to see the the positive effects of treatment on brain’s electrophysiology, leading to significantly improved compliance and a successful completion of treatment.

Simplified and Objective Cognitive Measurement for Neurology Patients

Current methodologies (subjective assessment) to diagnose neurological illness lack objectivity and may be cumbersome to interpret.

a person is diagnosed with dementia, leading to nearly 10M new cases of dementia worldwide each year.

About ¼ of these receive an actual diagnosis.

“Dementia is our top public health crisis.” U.S. Surgeon General, October 2019 (50M cases in 2018 WW, F152M by 2050)

Case Study

Superior Identification of Early Cognitive Decline in 77-Year-Old

A 77-year old male diagnosed with MCI was included in our clinical study. The physician concluded that BNA™ is superior to the MMSE in identifying cognitive decline early.

Advancing Objective Measurement in the Research Industry

The ability to improve drug efficacy by knowing who will respond positively to the drug​ and/or how the patient is responding.​

Improving Research
  • Brain assessment tool for treatment effects​
  • Integration with other monitoring technologies​
  • Screening tool for patient selection​
Companion tool
  • Integration with treatment technologies​
  • Early diagnosis/classification​
  • Objective measure​
Personalized Therapy
  • Monitoring treatment (Dose, effects, etc.)
  • Predict treatment response
  • Early insights into treatment-emergent changes

Case Study

Identifying Neurological Biomarkers to Aid in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Diagnosis and Treatment

A clinical study shows the utility of BNA™ for assessing the effects of an antidepressant on mood symptoms and cognition. The results show how BNA™ could serve as a clinical support tool during the screening and treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.