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The Meaning Behind Firefly Neuroscience

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The Meaning Behind Firefly Neuroscience

The Meaning Behind Our New Name: Firefly Neuroscience

Our new logo embraces the evocative, exciting nature of the firefly by tracing its path across the night sky in the shape of the brain. The firefly’s resting position inside the brain shape speaks to our unique process of bringing light, meaning, measurement, and understanding to the often misunderstood functions inside the brain.

The colors used in our new identity speak to both the inherent creativity and individuality in the human brain and are dually inspired by the color plots that are created in a BNA™ (Brain Network Analysis) clinician report. 

Our name is also a nod to the Firefly Model of Synchronization (Burgess, 2012), which suggests a framework for understanding how Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) emerge while performing a cognitive task during an EEG study. The ability to break down and analyze ERPs is a core part of our unique signal processing and machine learning capabilities that underpin our BNA™ report. 
Lastly, the ambiguity of the brain shape could be interpreted as a cloud. This is purposeful, as it subtly connects the technical advancement of cloud computing that makes BNA™ possible- we are literally the brain in the clouds and sky. The shape also evokes the dynamic time-space nature of ERPs and brain waveforms that we analyze.