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Expansion in the US continues into 2023

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Expansion in the US continues into 2023

As we wrap up 2022, we take the opportunity to celebrate the clinics that have been part of and continue to support our expansion in the United States.

We will have limited placements available in early 2023. If you are a clinic interested in learning more, contact us here for details.

Delray Center for Brain Science

With numerous therapies, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art facilities, Delray Brain Science and Dr. Raul Rodriguez and staff, make outpatient health treatment an accessible and inclusive tool for all throughout Florida.

Alivation Health

Alivation Health offers extensive and innovative services in Nebraska, including brain and behavioral health, neurology, primary care, and a research institute. Dr. Duffy has extensive experience in clinical research for pharmaceuticals and devices with expertise in Phase-IV studies

Manuel Astruc & Associates

Through compassionate education, new technologies, and medicine management, Psychiatrist, coach, and author, Manuel Astruc & Associates, strive to help you find the way through the darkness and emerge back into the light in the upstate New York area.


PsyCare operates six outpatient offices in Ohio dedicated to assisting individuals and families to overcome complex emotional, behavioral, mental, and relationship problems. PsyCare is committed to providing the best treatment services possible — in a comfortable setting, personalized to the client’s needs and circumstances, and delivered by highly competent and caring clinicians.


The NeuroCognitive & Behavioral Institute in New Jersey has remained committed to its scientist-practitioner model which requires their doctors remain actively involved in research. Their team consists of clinical neuropsychologists, behavioral neurologists, clinical psychologists, consulting psychiatrists, internists, gerontologists, cognitive and behavioral therapists, cognitive rehabilitation therapists, including speech and language therapists, as well as, functional brain mapping and neuromodulation technicians.

We look forward to sharing how our BNA™ technology supports clinics to assess, track, and improve brain health.